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French debt collection law gives priority to creditor that are quick to act.

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Creditor's rights

As a Creditor you can start a litigation procedure by filing a debt claim using a local Court lawyer. He can as well initiate executive enforcement proceedings using an  execution office, normally located within the same city as the debtor.

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French Legal and Judicial Structures

It is possible to demand the bankruptcy of a French business by confirming his debtor status and by proving its passive assets are greater than its active assets.

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Debt Collection Techniques

Promissory note or check, written contract can be used as a guarantee for your accounts. French laws are protecting the rights of the creditors, enough to ensure the collection of the unpaid accounts.

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At every stage, our goal is to recover all debts owed to you.

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The Law empowers you Increase the Collection Success Rate of the Debt

Bankruptcy Law solves

possible corporate activity issues among creditors  debtor company. French law protects both creditor and debtor against unfair, aggressive or illegal practices that might arise from a creditor, collection agency or the debtor himself

Non Bankruptcy Debt Collection

is an individualised procedure based in mutual dealings between debtors and creditors. Bankruptcy law supersedes the debt collection process.

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Debt Collection Methods & Techniques

Formal letter of demand
Formally issue the complaint
Lawsuits and Liens
Servicing the complaint
Involuntary Bankruptcy Proceedings
Perform a thorough background check
Site visits with a Bailiff
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Customised recovery Services

Debt Collection Procedure in France

Creditors' Rights and Collection Options using an Attorney in France

General seizure

enforcement proceedings is a method of enforcement.

Eviction of rented

immovable properties enforcement or real estate belonging to the debtor.

Smooth Interactions

Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers to take action.

Enforcement related to

bonds or other credit note alike documents, which are very used in France between companies.

Debt Collection Request

This is the first step of the procedure where the creditor submits to the same office of the debtor domicile the claim.

Enforcement Proceedings

with execution a Court Judgment. Any dispute the debtor may claim within 7 days after the receipt of summons will be disregarded by the court in a summary proceeding.

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How Debt Collection in France Works
Debt collection options in France

Your Options

Using the French Code of Obligations,  Commerce or Bankruptcy Law regulations, the debt collection agency or its lawyers can choose to go for an amicable solution or a Court procedure against any debtor located in France.

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The economic climate in France can make it very difficult for overseas clients to collect debts from businesses in France. We know from experience that at times it can be close to impossible for a foreign company to collect from a debtor in France.
When this happens, you need the knowledge and expertise of an experienced Agency.
Pre-legal Debt Collection Procedure
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Amicable Option
The pre-legal debt collection procedure in France is  a request made by the creditor ( or his lawyer ) against the debtor, requesting officially the payment of the claimed amount. The verbal request, if any, must be followed by a notification of payment, sent by registered mail or delivered by a bailiff. If the creditor does not receive a a full or partial payment within 5 days he is allowed to start a lawsuit.
Lawsuit proceeding
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Strong Option
When a pre-legal procedure fails, a lawsuit can be filled against the debtor in France. A copy of the parties contract, the due invoices must be sent to the Court in France, with their translated version into French by a certified translator. Creditors involved in a debt collection case in France must know that the French law stipulates that the Court can charge up to 20% for a fine on the total value of the claim in dispute.
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