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Business Collection & Litigation services

to all size businesses from start-ups to Fortune 500 including pre-suit consultation and analysis, aggressive pre-suit collection efforts, litigation services and post-judgment collection remedies in France. Our goal is to help our clients enhance their own in-house collection efforts, as well as provide full service litigation and legal support for all of their collection needs in major French cities.

Legal Procedure in France

Our firm is dedicated to providing quality legal representation in France for foreign clients in matters involving litigation, business and corporate debt, consumer debts, commercial disputes,B2B debt collection and fraud. Contact us for a free quote.

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Cost of Legal Action in France

For a free evaluation of your case, please visit the our placement form and complete a short form that will be sent to the firm. We will review your case and deliver you the best estimation.

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French Debt Collection Laws

Our experienced staff is proficient with both pre-charge off and post-charge off accounts, as well as both consumer and commercial accounts. Likewise, our highly-trained skip tracing unit provides best-in-class investigative services throughout the entire legal process in France.

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To Sue or Not to Sue

Whether it’s immediate litigation in France or concentrated debt collection call center efforts, our firm is prepared to meet the needs of any foreign client.

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strong & efficient legal actions

Basic strategies are often the most effective solution.

Our mission: provide to our foreign clients a law firm service exclusively dedicated to their rights and recoveries. We want to collect their unpaid accounts in France quickly, using all the French Debt Recovery Laws on their behalf.

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"We are very happy with the results so far and love the easy access website!"
"It is hard sometimes to stay on top of our accounts receivable. We know now that we have an agency that is very inexpensive and gets results!"
"The results have been excellent! Your low fixed-fee was recovered in my first check!"
You have resolved 215 of 204 accounts placed (valued more than $450,700.00) ! Real results."
“We have tried other collection services and have not enjoyed this kind of success.Chapeau!”
The service is very easy to use, and great for getting reports whenever we need them. We have recommended them to other export companies.
As you know, we have recommended your services to other B2B companies , and would recommend it to any office in need of a great collection service.
We’ve only been a client of yours for about 60 days and you’ve already collected more than 180% of the amount we paid you.
Significant amount of collection work in the first 90 days, such as credit reporting and phone calls. Very happy with the success rates.”
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Facts about France

France is a solid market opportunity foreign businesses. The new corporate tax rate is gradually declining (28% this year and 25% by 2022.

Germany - France goods trade
billion in 2018
6th largest economy
+1,900 American firms active in France
+60 US companies have established office in France
French economy grew by 1.8 % in 2017
Geographical position "It’s on the way to a lot of places" makes it an important trading corridor
72% of adult  have access to an account with a formal banking institution
French Foreign Direct Investment into the United States
billioN in 2017
United States was France’s 5th largest source of imports in 2018
France still plans to invest tens of billions of dollars by 2023 in projects
France exported $166B and imported $214B
In 2017 the GDP of France was $851B & its GDP per capita was $26.5k
billion in 2017
France's top export destinations are Germany ($69.1B), Belgium-Luxembourg ($39.7B), Italy ($39.7B), Spain ($37.6B) and the United States($36B).
France's top import origins are Germany ($103B), China ($52.9B), Italy ($48B), Belgium-Luxembourg ($44.6B) and Spain ($40.5B).
Top personal income tax rate is 14%
Top corporate tax rate is 22%
GDP per capita in 2017: 38,476.66
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our debt collection services in France. Or go ahead and place your 1st file for collections.
Foreign investors’ equity holdings
billion decreased in 2017
The economy shrank again in 2019 Q2s
Elevated unemployment
Inflation & currency weakness
High Current-account deficit
Investments volatility
Inflation rate
per year /  2017
Lack of domestic savings
Private sector is highly indebted
Lack of liquidity
Economy to shrink 0.8% in 2019
GDP per capita back to 2008 values
Spanish Bonds
fallen since beginning of 2018
Constrained economic growth
Lift of prices of imported goods
Loans in foreign currency
Medium & long-term foreign currency debts  $328 billion ( end of 2018 )
+$138 billion  foreign exchange debt ( 2018 )
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any qustions about our pricing plans. And don’t forget to check the FAQ page.
Everything You Need

French Law Office for Debt Collection

Our Debt collection Services in France are provided for both foreign businesses and individuals. Often, payment for goods or services is not rendered because of cash flow problems or a dispute as to the quality of goods or services received. In some circumstances, there may never have been an intention to pay for the goods and services which could be deemed to be fraud.

Complimentary consultation and advice for active clients regarding handling of collection claims in France prior to placement.
Complimentary review, revision and/or preparation of credit application and personal guaranty for active clients.
Litigation services in France including cost benefit analysis, suit preparation and filing, pre-trial motions, pre-judgment discovery, summary judgment and trial.
Post-judgment services in France including depositions in aid of execution, asset searches, garnishments and levies.
Enforcement of construction liens on behalf of contractors, subcontractors and materialmen.
Representation of creditors in bankruptcy.
Assets check in France
Due Diligence in France
Tracing services in France
French law firm

Frequently Asked Questions

Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers to take action.

Q: If the Debt is disputed can you assist?

Absolutely, this is a common case in French debt collections.   We will contact the debtor on your behalf and start with amicable debt collections efforts ( letter, calls, email ) and update you weekly. If legal actions are required we will inform you.

Q: When and how to decide if the file should be collected via legal actions?

Timing is the key. If we can't collect the debt using out of court procedures we will automatically recommend litigation actions through our Lawyers. Legal proceedings will not be started without your approval. Each decision will be taken on a case by case basis.

Q: Can you help if I am interested in starting legal proceedings in France?

Of course we can. We do have our own French lawyers. They will start proceedings on our behalf in France, thus keeping costs to a minimum.

Q: What happens if I receive payment directly from a debtor in France after placing my file?

We do contact the debtors directly, as soon as we are instructed and usually the same day. If the debtor decides to pay into your bank account, it is fine. We will send you an invoice for our commission.

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