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We Collect B2B Debts in France

Our company is an expert in accounts recovery in France; our smart solutions and efficient French debt collectors and lawyers will collect debts fast, using  amicable and legal ways when needed.

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We Collect the Unpaid
with Professionalism & Diplomacy

Our Debt Collection Company in France helps turn unpaid accounts into accessible finances.
As premium debt collection agency among other debt collection companies, we strive to retain good relationships with the Customer as well as the Debtor, which is a productive and positive environment beneficial to all parties in the long run.
We put particular emphasis not only in the recovery process, but also assist the debtor to work around tough periods whenever possible.

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Your one-stop platform for all debt recoveries in France

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Launch Immediate Actions

Don’t let any unpaid debt in France remain unattended; request support from our French debt collectors and maintain a healthy cash flow for your company. Saveguard your company's reputation.

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Let us solve your unpaid accounts

It is important to be aware of debt collection laws in France, as well as of your rights, both a as creditor or debtor.

Debt collectors based in France

Business Debt Collection and Litigation services. Fast!

Our French Debt Collection Agency is focusing in business debt collections, commercial litigation, business and corporate law. Our target is to provide our clients with the best legal counsel and representation possible. We are committed to fight for your rights. Whenever necessary we assertively challenge those who have wronged.
We listen to our clients.

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Our Mission is to Help

our Customers to enhance their own internal debt collection efforts, as well as to provide full service litigation and legal support for all of their debt collection accounts in France.

Early Debt Collections

The due date of a past due invoice is the greatest deteriorating element in the collectability of an account in France. Placing accounts early in the delinquency cycle is the best way to prevent that deterioration.

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Case by Case Fees

The low fixed rates of our debt collection agency make early referral economy. We can pursue payments when they are most collectable and, in turn, ensure higher recovery rates. We work on a Fixed or Success fees basis depending on the file age and due amount.

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Rapid Debt Collections

Our non-alienating technique preserves relationships between you and your customers.
By contacting debtors early, they respond more positively—and that increases the likelihood of a continued business.

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Live View on Our Efforts

We have built our own debt collection software, it is multi-lingual and have hundreds of features ( IVR, SMS, Reporting, Collection letters etc ). You can see 24/7/365 what we did and what we will be doing and when.

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We do not simply cure current problem accounts. We provide programs that prevent future delinquencies. A collection agency can have a negative connotation, but the reality of it is that collection services can actually manage your accounts more effectively.

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Great Support

The fact of the matter is that delinquent accounts take the focus away from the business and affect the business owner in more ways than one.
Not only is the cash flow of the business being hurt, but there is also the added stress of wondering if the account will ever be collected and it is impacting the overall health of he business. We are here to help in France.

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B2B Debt Collections in France
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Hire the Best Debt Collectors in France

Numerous books and seminars created by foreign or other Debt Collection Companies in France promote various theories of collecting accounts receivable,
but basic strategies are often the most effective:

By following simple and basic collection strategies, most of our clients can maintain effective control of their accounts receivable in France and give themselves an advantage if an account does need to be placed for collection.

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“We were using another agency in France. We believe your program would improve our results since it provides a significant amount of collection work in the first 90 days, such as credit reporting and phone calls”
Jean Tourneur
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“In the first four and one half of this year, you’ve collected more that $73,000 for us from past-due accounts in Turkey. Outstanding!”
Gianni Biasco
Italy, USA
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We have used less than 30% of our first system, and you have collected 40% of accounts placed…
Marga Kevova
Sweden, USA
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Just a quick note to say that we’re pleased… In less than 8 weeks we’ve received a 399% return on investment from the first two collections alone and we still have 80% of our system working for us.
Hasan Elba
Ukraine, USA
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The results have been excellent! Your low fixed-fee was recovered in my first check! With $30,000.00 placed, in just a short 60 days, you have collected over $12,000.00 and we still have two-thirds of our system left to use.
Simon Weis
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"We have placed 51 accounts so far, and already have 352% return on our investment! You have recovered an account that was 3 years old. That’s unbelievable!Thanks InterStation!
Paul Muller
Entrepreneur, France
since 1998

Over 10,000 Happy Customers

Positive cash flow is essential to the successful operation of any business, pursue your accounts early with our business collection methods for France.
Your debtors will respond more positively and you will reduce the risk of client alienation and any loss of future business opportunities.

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