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Judgment Enforcement in France?

We have been collecting judgments for over 18 years. It doesn't matter whether the debtor has moved to another region in France, or just trying to hide. We have a nationwide team of experienced judgment collection counsel who fight for you to collect your money.
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1: Placement Confirmation

Same Day Claim Confirmation: your file will be reviewed ( address on file confirmed, check debtor contact details, credit report check etc ) immediately and our debt collection software will email you within 24H of file placement our official file placement confirmation.

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2: iCollect, our Property Debt Collection Software

Once the file uploaded, our own debt collection software , iCollect, will immediately print our debt collection letter, send a text message to debtor's cell phone and send a certified tracked email with a copy of the collection notification. We can upload more than 10'000 accounts with one batch and send the same amount of notifications the same day. Our French Debt Collectors will then call the debtor and analyse quickly the reason of the late payment and, collect it using amicable way or review legal options.

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3: Solve Dispute(s)

Our Debt Collection Team will start negotiations with the debtor and check the validity of his possible disputes. To avoid any delays it is recommended to provide us as much as information during the placement process
( invoice and contract copies etc ).

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4: Real Investigations

Collecting information in order to recover a debt quickly is fine, but collecting real and accurate informations is even better. During the debt collection procedure we will, using our databases, determinate the actual financial and business state of the debtor. This will help to have all fresh details on hand while requesting payment of the monies due to our clients.

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5: Report to Credit Bureaus

On a case by case basis the delinquent account cab be reported to the French National Credit Bureau ( ASNEF, RAI ).
We can as well enter the debtor informations in our online database of bad debtors.

Specialising in all Legal aspects of French debt collection

Collecting  debt in France is an art in itself. You only have one target: the debtor must pay what is legally due to you, no matter what. Most debtors do not pay because they do not want to, sometimes because they don't ( anymore...) the funds too.. In any case, we ensure that you have the best chance of successful collections with our French Collection Agency.

Most French based debtors knows that international creditors won't sue or at least trying to avoid a trial. By educating our international clients by collecting and litigating commercial collection matters, we are your French representation of interests. We are a young and aggressive firm, with our associates having years of experience in the debt collection industry. All accounts, whether easy or hard, are given 100% effort. Clients may select from a series of collection approaches in order to harmonize collection efforts with the client's business philosophy.

We will provide you with  our expertise on the field of collections and if required on the legal field as well.  No more need for a "middle man".

Direct & Strong Debt Recovery Approach

According French law your debtor has to pay for our service as long as he exist and is not insolvent. If the debtor is insolvent we have the opinion to charge just a handling fee for the extrajudicial effort. We will identify and resolve billing issues, expedite payments on outstanding invoices and open accounts, explain to the customer the remaining liability, manage & follow-up on payment arrangements and resolve other customer service related issues that may arise.


The associates and staff of  our Agency pledge to comply with all laws and regulations relating to the privacy and confidentiality of information regarding collection actions. All personnel are required to sign non-disclosure agreements upon employment. We do not make public use of any information obtained from our clients other than for the sole purpose of the performance of the collections agreement. We physically secure and safeguard all listings, documents and files relating to the collections agreement and will return all original records upon the compliance of the collections action.

Debt Collection Solicitors France, since 1998
We strive to resolve customer disputes while, at the same time, maintaining a high level of customer goodwill.