Frequently Asked Questions

You will find here below some generic questions and answers related to the debt collection process and our solutions. We offer flexibility in proposing a collection process that works best for your company.

1. Common Questions

Q: If the debt is disputed, can you assist?

Absolutely, this is a common case in French debt collections. We will contact the debtor on your behalf and start with amicable debt collections efforts ( letter, calls, email ) and update you weekly. If legal actions are required we will inform you.

Q: When and how to decides if the file should be collected via legal actions?

Timing is the key. If we can't collect the debt using out of court procedures we will automatically recommend litigation actions through our Lawyers. Legal proceedings will not be started without your approval. Each decision will be taken on a case by case basis.

Q: Can you help if I am interested in starting legal proceedings in France?

Of course we can. We do have our own French lawyers and can start proceedings on our behalf in France, keeping costs to a minimum.

Q: What happens if I receive payment directly from a debtor in France after placing my file?

We do contact the debtors directly, as soon as we are instructed and usually the same day. If the debtor decides to pay into your bank account it is fine. We will send you an invoice for our commission.

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2. Debt Collection Related

Q: What kind of information should I provide?

For Business to Business (B2B) or B2C accounts we will need ( via email ) invoice or proof of service ( PDF or text formas ). We will as well need the debtor's full contact details and any information which you think may be useful like copy of emails or phone conversations. For legal files we will prepare a Power of Attorney to be signed by you.
The more information you provide, higher will be our recovery chances.

Q: What's included in your debt collection services?

We will contact your debtor using all the tools possible we have on hand, in persistent and firm,  polite but strong methods via: regular mail, registered mail, email and registered emails, tracked emails and phone calls. For some cases we will organise a site visit to debtor's office. Our aim is to work the account as quick as possible and  collect what is legally owed to you, we will work the file and  working negotiate full repayment of the debt.

Q: What's your success rate and how long does it take?

The success depend on each individual case ( age of the invoice, disputed or undisputed balance etc ) but we regularly have up to 85% success rates when the file is placed early. Once our letter sent and the first call placed we may receive the payment within 10 days of placement day. If it takes longer than expected we may perform a business intelligence work in France and evaluate the legal options.

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3. Cost and Fees

Q: How much does it cost to collect a debt in France?

We simply take a % of the debt collected, if we don't collect there is nothing to pay. Our commission will be confirmed with you, this is based on the debt age, due amount and debtor's profile. We usually accept debts over $2,000.00. If  legal actions in France are required will work by our own lawyers, who are experts in recovering the maximum amount possible in the French Court room, this may involve upfront fees. All fees are recoverable in case of positive judgements , we do not instruct the Court proceedings until approved by our client.

Q: Can I charge your debt collection fees to the debtor?

Usually ( and specially in amicable debt collections in France ) the French Debt Collection Agency may not collect any debt collection fee from the debtor—unless a legally binding agreement exists between the creditor and the debtor, stating collection fees or interests may be charged. For legal debt collection our fees can be added to the principal due amount + legal fees in France.

Q: When should I use a French Debt Recovery Solicitor?

Using a French lawyer can be a cost effective way of recovering debts located in France. Our agency has its own in-house and partner legal offices in France, we do specialise in this both amicable and legal accounts and process large volumes of debts in a cost efficient manner. Legal actions must be started very early, as soon as all collection efforts are exhausted. Earlier is better. The debtor may pay up straight away (or sign a payment plan ) once they hear from our French Law Office. You may have a better chance of keeping the debtor as a customer ( ...if you wish ) and don't immediately pursue the matter using the French Court, but try instead to negotiate payment or resolve possible disputes amicably.

Q: Why use a Debt Collection Agency?

- receive more cash quickly
- focus on your company's core functions
- reduce in-house operating costs
- improve your own  quality and company services
- reduce exposure to local regulations
- have a native Team working for you and contact the debtor in his language
‍Placing your accounts with a local and  experienced  collection gency has many benefits. It will allow your business to:

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4. How to...

Q: How do I place an account with you?

Accounts can placed by form ( normal mail, email ), spreadsheet or using our online debt collection software for returning clients. You can fill in our placement form here.
For larger clients, we have options for bulk debt import from spreadsheets or even API integration directly with your own accounting system or intranet.

Q: Will you approach our customers like we do?

We see ourselves as an extension of your company's brand. By acting on your behalf our highly trained Team will carefully but professionaly  deal with the debtor and keep your image safe at any time during their debt collection routine. All our staff are up to date with the latest local privacy legislation requirements and are trained to solve  disputes smoothly.

Q: Is There a Time Limit on French Commercial Debt Recovery?

Chasing unpaid invoices as quickly as possible is highly recommended. This will maintain your cash flow healthy, limit the negative impact of  unpaid accounts on your business and deliver the right message to your debtors and providers. If you have any outstanding invoices to be collected in France, these can be collected on within five years of the invoice date. In order to claim this kind of accounts after so long time, you may need to have maintained contacts with the debtor regarding the due balance. This can include regular contacts via mail or emails.

Q: How to Recover Unpaid Invoices in France?

Before you decide to recover your unpaid invoices in France, you should always review all the documentation and the timeline of the files. Start with controlling all the details of the account and eventual payment agreement, including the invoice date and due amounts. If you’re struggling to recover those unpaid invoices, get in touch with us today. Please use our placement form and we will get back to you the same day.

Q: Start Amicable or Legal Debt Collection in France?

Please fill our contact or placement form and our initial contact with you will explore what type of debt recovery in France would best suit your needs. Different creditors have different needs. Also, every case is different and every unpaid account needs to be handled differently to get a good result. We usually start with a quick but efficient amicable action by approaching the debtor using our debt collection agent and in-house lawyers. If we don't get results within the same month we will evaluate the cost and collection chances with you.

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