How To Collect A Debt
in France

Collect A Debt in France

In France and for almost any other countries, there are mandatory steps to follow in order to properly collect a debt fast, and with respecting the local regulations.
At every stage, our goal is to recover all debts owed to our Clients, Fast.

Starting Debt Collection

1. Find Unpaid Invoices2. Place Your File
The earlier a possbile debt can be identified, the better. Older debt are obviously much more difficult to collect.
Once the account to place for debt collection just use our placement form, we will contact you with a free quote, usually the same day!

Easy Client Onboarding

1. Register as Client2. Let us open the files
We will talk to you and create a Client login, we have our own multi-lingual debt collection system. Access your files 24/7365 safely from anywhere in the world.

Ready to Have Debt Collected

1. Email Files2. Or let us Import them
We will make your work easier, just email us the files or send us a list of files. We can import 1 or 10,000 files in 10 minutes. Easy and strong debt collections. More details about the debtor, better chances to collect!

Smart File Placement & Confirmation

Once the file placed and reviewed, we will enter it into our debt management system and complete/double-check the given details.
You will receive by email our confirmation and we will contact the debtor, within 24H...not weeks.

The Right Debt Collector for You

Our experimented debt collectors have the appropriate know-how in following the local procedures, legal actions, speak the same language as the debtor.
We know to to use all available options to quickly collect your debt, and respect your business relationships.

Contacting the Debtor

Using proven telephone techniques and special letters, we will contact the debtor on your behalf and work to recover your payment quickly,  keeping you regularly updated.
We will focus on collecting your unpaid accounts, while you focus on your business.

Be Informed, 25/7/365

Secured AccessLive Updates
You will receive regular updates and calls regarding the progress o your files. Live updates are available from our  .
Important informations like payment proposal, discount request etc will be notified live to you.

20 Days Results Guarantee

We Work FastBe Informed
At the end of the debt collection process we will confirm with the payment status or explore legal actions if necessary. You have to know how much has been collected or how much can't be collected. For your records.
Are you ready?

Place a File For Debt Collection

Your  financial success is our priority, placing your file for early debt collections with us will be a benefit for all parties. Act without waiting and let us do the job, fast.