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We are accomplished at helping businesses to dramatically improve debt collection without harming their goodwill, and our Clients are testimony of our outstanding results.
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Are your French customers ignoring your pleas for payment? f you aren't being paid by your customers, you could be putting your own business
in financial jeopardy.
We can help your firm collect the money you've earned.

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It makes perfect sense to leave French debt recovery to professionals so as to ensure maximum
cash flow in the business.
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We Deliver Effective Results

We are committed to provide asset and debt recovery services to many foreign clients.
We handle debt collection for many corporate and commercial concerns, as well as financial firms, healthcare providers, hospitals, and import-export businesses.
Our mission is to bring each client the best collection experience possible.

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State-of-the-art Technology

Coupled with the expertise of our collection professionals, are the steel support of our successes. We undertake debt collection, receivables management, credit bureau reporting, and lawsuits in France. Ours is a debt collection agency where one obtains increased recoveries, low fixed costs, client reporting, and prompt services.

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Turning Receivables Into Profits

There are numerous reasons for slow payments and bad debts. Our staff of highly skilled  collection professionals connect with the debtors and find a solution to convert bad debts into profits for you. This method of diplomacy and professionalism have never failed, and also prevent any sour relationships between businesses.

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“In France, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises constitute 69.9% of total number of enterprises"
"Although French SMEs have significant problems such as access to favourable financing conditions, internalization, global competitiveness skills and innovation skills, their entrepreneurship skills are stronger and they havedynamic organizational capabilities"
"The venture and growth capital invested in French Economy is in a steady growth trend and theinvestment values are almost tripled between 2008 and 2011. Although it’s not the best France has one ofthe fastest growing rates in the world. "
"Just as the investment figures France has successful scores of bankruptcies in the period of crisis. While the bankruptcy score of France is the lowest in the list in 2008, it is third in 2009 and the growth rate between 2010 and 2011 is only 5.9%."
"SMEs in France have important roles and contributions to gross domestic product, employment and dynamism of the economic and social structures."
“As the economy globalize more, the French more firms have to compete with foreign rivals beside the domestic ones."
"Results of study show that SMEs form 99,9% of the industry in France however only 55% of the SMEs are operating in value added sectors. They need dedicated financial support programmes and policy initiatives for increasing their levels of global competitiveness."
"SMEs play a particularly important role in the French economy, because of their number and because of the large share of the workforce involved. The government authorities have for many years carried out a variety of programmes to support these enterprises. "
"In most economies and in most industries, both large firms and SMEs can survive. The number of small, medium or large enterprises should be determined by market competition."
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Collection Ethics

We preserve the highest code of ethics during the collection process.
Our staff evaluate each situation minutely and deal with the utmost diplomacy coupled with expert professionalism.
Even though the primary aim is to collect debts, maintaining the goodwill is equally important.

A constructive approach pays off in the debtor’s long-range attitude and in our client’s bottom line. The strict code of ethics is continuously monitored to maintain the best interests of our clients.

Being in control

The status of your accounts, namely, collection activity, progress, and analysis of collection reports can be viewed through the interactive real time website of our debt collection agency.
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