Everyone is having a hard financial time. It is hard to make payments on time, to pay off bills that are due and pay new bills. But when bills go unpaid it is hard for businesses to make their own overhead cost and stay in business.

This is when a business owner should consider using a collection agency to help offset their cost by assigning past due debts from customers for the agency collectors to work on.

Unpaid bills are not a disaster if you select the right collection agency for your needs. The agency will pursue old debts you thought were hopeless and help to increase your overall income. They have the time and training to bring in payments on unpaid debts you had given up on. No matter how you feel, collection agencies have a wonderful place in society today and are the answer for many business owners and their customers.

Collection agencies offer a selection of collection options. Finding the right option for you and your customers involves making the correct decision to pursue unpaid debts and still maintain your client base.

There are many collection agencies that will provide services by taking your debt overhead and working on a percentage basis of final collection. They will take on accounts at 50% for unpaid debts to place back into the company accounting system which is better than no funds. Select an agency that is known for high collections without crossing the line of the clients rights. Good collectors are known to be persistent, but willing to work with customers to create a personal repayment plan that suits their income and your needs.

Check the company background for issues regarding their record with the FDCA – Fair Debt Collection Act- and make sure there are not many charges against them. Your collection agency should be able to provide monthly records and statements, along with any payments from efforts made on your accounts for the month. Assign a limited number of accounts to begin with and after the first month make a final decision based on the success rate of that month. Maintain contact with the agency in order to follow their success rate and customer service.

InterStation BPO maintains two tiers within its collection process. The first is dedicated to an amicable resolution of the debt, while the second is focused on legal proceedings that are designed to help enforce and collect the debt.

For an up-to-date approach to International collection procedures and guidelines, InterStation BPO  is the best option for companies collecting international debts. If you have International claims you need collected contact us first.

For a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE please fill our placement form to determine if we are the right firm for assisting you with your debt recovery needs. The best part is, if we don’t collect, you owe absolutely nothing!

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