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French collection agency

Premium debt collection services for your unpaid accounts in France. We are your perfect partner for your tracing, recovery and litigation cases in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice or any city across the country.
Our case-by-case approach is  designed to recover your payment fast and to provide you a simple, cost-effective, efficient and highly-compliant process.

French Collection Agency
Your immediate action agency for

Debt Recovery in France

We are problems solvers, we act as an extension of our Client and understand the value of reputation and negotiation; We will work smart until collecting in full...in the shortest delay.

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Ensure you work with the best

We will get results while maintaining the value of your Reputation.

Our signature approach is combative but professional, private investigators and lawyers are used for business intelligence or hard to collect accounts. We will work to reduce your losses on even the toughest matters, fast.

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Start with placing your file!

Are you ready to start? The sooner you place your file for debt collections in France, higher will be our success rate! Debtors are contacted within 24H, time is ( more than ever ) money.

We have all the tools

What Makes us Successful?

Our rates are very competitive and our professionalism is unmatched in the industry.
We have agents nationwide to add their "personal touch" in recovering your past due accounts in France, fast.

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Place your file - let us do the job - Collect

Act and solve your greatest cashflow problems today.

Getting paid in France on time is both an art and magic. We offer a variety of solutions, you can hire us for one of those options, or use them in combination:
you are on good hands

A Proven Working System

Select & Place

Choose the invoice that’s due to you, explain any relevant details about it and email or place it using our form to us. We will start handling it the same day.


Enjoy non plus ultra debt collection processes without having to learn the letter of the French law and local procedures.

Professional Team

Our French Debt Collectors operate to the upmost standards. We’ll keep you posted via email, online SAAS and by phone.

Smooth handling

All notes, comments and account calls are automatically transferred to our legal team, ensuring friction-free debt collection escalations.

Friendly Support

We always glad to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions about collecting debts in France.

Collection Agent in France
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Go ahead and let us recover what is owed to you!